Koçak Baklava

Koçak Baklava


          1981, Coşkun and İbrahim Koçak started as an apprentice in a baklava workshop. Under the supervision of their master, they worked 12 years, until they were summoned for military  service, learning and practicing the fine art of baklava production.

          Koçak Baklava was founded in 1993 with the skills, expertise, rigor, and innovative approach of these two brothers.Without any compromises to the traditional Gaziantep Baklava, these two brothers lead Koçak Baklava to modern day with preserving the taste, both product and service quality and excitement of the very first day.


          Koçak Baklava, lead by Coşkun and İbrahim Koçak brothers, is working with a workforce of 100 to provide the best for their customers, from basic materials to consumers all the processes are executed with utmost care.

          To be a Baklava Master, candidates start their training at early ages; process from being an apprentice to master is thorny.
To provide the same and accustomed level of quality, food engineers oversee every step of the process, from harvesting to production. Proficient masters oversee cooking in stone ovens and bathing with molas(sugar syrup)from natural sugar beetsto ensure traditional taste. Only after the approval of masters, products that meet the quality and taste standards of Koçak Baklava are served to customers.

          No known harmful or artificial additives are used in production, both administrative and production space is under continuous supervision for hygiene.

Koçak Baklava is working out of its own production facility of 2000 m2 and 2 showrooms in Gaziantep.
To ensure longer product life, and to  keep negative conditions out, products are packages in special boxes. 


         As quality assurance as its philosophy, Koçak Baklava is working without any compromises.Handpicked employees, high quality raw materials and production environment ensures high quality products.
This team is working hard to ensure quality and new products to enrich product offerings.


All raw materials and products used in production, undergo strict quality assurance processes. Koçak Baklava is awarded TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System,TS EN ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systemand HALAL Food Certificate.



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